“Kate Bush in a rockband’. ‘Original catchy rock songs that remind me of ‘Within Temptation’and ‘The
Gathering’. That’s how fans describe the Female Fronted Alternative Rockband ‘Mental Shift’.

Mental Shift was founded in 2016 and has since developed its own solid but accessible rock sound.
Catchy and melodic vocals (before you know you sing along), full drums, dynamic and melodic guitar riffs and singular bass sound. All this layered with lyrics that are deep and relatable.

Since inception the band has grown rapidly with multiple demo’s, videoclips and a nation wide tour to their name. Highlight include sharing the stage with internationally known and touring rock band ‘The Agony’. The recording of a full album is planned for 2018.

Mental Shift’s live performance is lively, energetic, sometimes funny not least musical, consisting of own compositions and a few covers that fit the to the unique sound. The band is ambitious and constantly moving, continuously improving the setlist as well as their performance. Come see and experience this yourself!

The band celebrated their first anniversary in september 2017. The band has accomplished so much in their first year and builds on this foundation to expand their activities. Composing more songs and professional songreleasing in 2018.

In June 2018 the Mental Shift musicians finished all track recordings for their first full album at RockInc Studios, to be released in fall 2018. In the same period a singles and videoclips are planned. In the mean time new songs have come up for already next projects!!

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 —  Line Up  —

Daphne – Lead Vocals, Songwriter, Lyrics

Daphne started her singing career at an early age, joining The Academy Of Vocal Arts in The Hague at the age of 8. This intensive vocal training allowed her to develop her voice and a solid understanding of music and singing in general. In releasing several albums and performing throughout Europe her passion for singing was awakened.

Through her teens and twenties she enjoyed singing lessons in pop (Musical Academy Leiden) and classical singing ( Het Phondament The Hague). She also took lessons with Floor Jansen (Nightwish) to develop a more powerful style and learn belting techniques. She has been writing songs and lyrics for over ten years which she performed in several bands. Very experienced in live gigs she performed dozens of times at festivals and pop stages.


Hans – Guitar, Backing Vocals


Hans is playing the guitars in Mental Shift. He started playing classical guitar at the age of seven, inspired by the great Segovia, his father used to listen to. He taught Hans the basics of fingerpicking. Somewhat later, during highschool, Hans got inspired by Deep Purple’s Richie Blackmore, Jethro Tull’s Locomotive Breath, Uriah Heep’s Gipsy, Alice Cooper’s Billion Dollar Babies and Peter Frampton’s live guitar playing. Hans wanted to make such sounds too. He stopped classical guitar lessons and learned himself how to rock, by playing at least three hours a day. As a teenager he got his first 3 man band, creating their own rock songs and sound. Covering other ones songs just was not done these days. From that moment this band changed musical style, line up and had several band names every few years.

After 25 years of changes, ups and downs, lots of gigs though, Hans finally quitted the scene and ended up toggling an acoustic guitar and rediscovered the classical guitar for a bit, while raising kids and stuff. From 2010 Hans started up again, doing classical rock songs in several cover bands. Later on playing the modern blues-rock. He got inspired by guys like John Mayer and Joe Bonamassa. A challenge it was for sure, learned new guitar playing technics and he still likes playing this genre once in a while. But still it didn’t give him the ultimate satisfaction that he used to experience in his earlier days. Making new music, creating his own sounds on Daphne’s creations, that’s what really keeps him going.

Aad – Bass

Because almost all his friends were already drummers, Aad bought his first electric guitar around the age of 15. Next came a real cheap accoustic with an additional extra ‘free hole’ in the bottom and a wrecked imitation Fender Jazz bass for which he build, inspired by the Kramer Guitars of that time, a new aluminium neck. Always keen on technical stuff he also cooked up his own Marshall 100W tube amp with lot’s of extra fuzz en deep sound to support his new Gibson SG, playing something that was called ‘Hard Rock’. The most fun in those days was playing with ‘The Fried Kidneys’, an awkward punk band with a ‘milk addiction’ :- )

When ‘Working Life’ kicked in he kept fiddling around on guitars, but no bands though. Until around 2007 Aad finally started playing drums, and also took an interest in West-African rhythms, playing Djembe and Douns. “Best decision ever!”, he says :- ). Loads of bands and projects follow: cover, jazz, big, melancholic and of course west-African percussion, until he and Daphne met @ an audition. Being the first ‘next’ member in Mental Shift (and with Vocals already taken :- ) he got first choice of instrument…. Let’s play Bass!

Michiel – Drums

Michiel started playing drums when he was 15 years old. He learned playing the drums mainly autodidact and attended one year of education in jazz-feel drumming to improve his techniques for playing the style of drumming he likes best. His first inspiration came from drummers like Ian Paice, John Bonham, Steve Copeland and John Cogholan from very successful bands at that time. More recent through the large numbers of drum clinic video’s on YouTube he keeps on developing his drum skills. Together with Hans, who plays lead guitar, he played in a band for twenty years long with the same bass player rock feel music. They arranged their own compositions for most of the years. In the third life of this band they had a period of covering rock music hits from various legendary bands from the seventies and eighties. Additional to their steady band formation of the three men they had different guitarists singers, background vocalists and keyboard players to join them.

In between this long period with the same band Michiel also played drums in various gospel bands, pop ensembles and musical orchestras. He likes to play different kinds of musical styles to enrich his musical experiences and skills. But the style he likes most is rock feel straight bold or massive symphonic.

He is playing his Japanese manufactured Yamaha drum kit over the last 25 years of his drumming career. An excellent kit completed with Latin percussion accessories, chimes and a large cymbal line- up of Zildjan K dark series. From crash to splash, ride, crash ride, china and of course the hi-hat set. Although not playing drums full time like a professional, it is by far his most favourite habit to do in life.

Playing in the band Mental Shift with their inspiring and overwhelming vocals of front woman Daphne is for him the ultimate experience in performing. He likes playing concerts and he is at his best on stage. Maybe sometimes so eager that he needs to be tamed, but never too much!