Welcome @ Mental Shift

  • August 26 th, 2017 

    Mental Shift wil be recording some Live footage for two new videoclips for our latest songs in Dordrecht, Netherlands. (Plus we do a full live show of course :- )  See Live page for details.


  • May 18 th, 2017 

    Second try out in Dordrecht, Netherlands, see Live page for details. (Update: here is a liveclip from that show: Video )


  • April 2nd, 2017

    Mental Shift launches video-clip and publishes lyrics, see our Media page


  • February 25th, 2017

    First try out, see new photo’s Here


  • February, 2017

     The first Mental Shift audio is now published on this site on the  Media  page.


  • December, 2016               

    New gig confirmed, see live page for details.


  • November 2016            

    It has been confirmed that in February 2017 Mental Shift will start studio recordings and ‘ll release their music soon. We will keep you updated on that!